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Amir Temur Square and Monument

Welcome to Amir Temur Square and Monument in Tashkent. Here you will find information, view photos and read tourist reviews of Amir Temur Square and Monument in Tashkent.

Amir Temur Square is the true center of the city, where stands a famous monument to Amir Temur. From here radiates main roads of the city to all corners of the country and neighboring states.

Monument to Amir Temur in the square

When you get off at the Amir Temur Square station of Tashkent Underground and pass through the pedestrian subway and you will be in the Amir Temur Square.
In front of you will see the famous Monument to Amir Temur. Surrounded before with century-old plane trees, today, the monument to Amir Temur is seen from afar – as recently planted young trees replaced the old ones, creating a green background in the square.
Walking through tracks towards to the Amir Temur monument, you will see this great militant sitting on a horse raising his hand to the sky as if he is blessing the nation. On the monument you will read the wise words of him: “The strength is in justice”, inscribed in three languages.

History of the Amir Temur Square

The history of the square is very interesting. It was firstly designed in 1870 by Imperial Russian architects as a central park of the new Tashkent (see Old Tashkent) and called Constantine Square. Since then the main monument in the center of the square was changed several times. The first was one to General Kaufmann later replaced by monument to Free Workers (1917), monument to 10th anniversary to October revolution (1927), monument to Stalin (1947), monument to Karl Marx (1968).
Since 1993, the monument to Amir Temur stands in the center of the square; the square is now called “Amir Temur Hiyoboni,” which in translation from Uzbek means “Amir Temur Square”.

Surroundings of the Amir Temur Square

To the south of the Amir Temur Square across the road are famous Tashkent Chimes. The first one was erected in 1947. The clock itself was brought as a war trophy after the World War II from city of Konigsberg. The one on the right, which was built in November 2009, fully replicate the architecture of its sister.
To the left of the Tashkent Chimes stands enormous snow-white building surrounded by lawns, flower beds and young trees. This International Congress Hall of Uzbekistan was built in 2009 to the honor of Tashkent’s 2200th anniversary. Exterior view of the Palace is very impressive. The Palace is crowned by a large dome with the golden statue of storks on the top that symbolize the peace and happiness.

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